Friday, 7 November 2008

Body's add-ons

today's seems to be important to
be younger, smooth & beardless,
& muscles of course.

but look at this hairy man ! not sexy ?

impossible to envisage a story ?
(not importance what about or what there's in it !)

of course, no-natural add-on can be sexy too...

tribal & great tattoo

various & coloured in this soft relationship...

based on a theme in this hot one

a thinker (not by Rodin)

& return to a beardless guy, but this
time with inspirited tattoos...

add on could be leather too

or diffferent jewels

very discreet

on the face for example

or breast

or somewhere else


more abstract


or containing

after, all can be mixed !!!
as you want !

1 comment:

zède said...

The exquisite delicacy of the hypodermic reads less as a penetration than as a delectation emanating from within the beloved pith, its great treasure no more lovely its zeal to treasure, and by the scourging of its compassionate loveliness, to know selfless bliss.