Thursday, 13 November 2008

When a Warrior as Finished is Fight...

it isn't a queestion of Age

or of the Drama you had let behind you

sometimes you find your home Empty...

& if it's a sexual need to satisfy, of course...

it's better when you're friend had wait for you !

& depend of your personality, if he had matching another guy...

but the Most Important it's the Reunion

Forgetting with sport

or another games

Finally : Peace


Human Body Heat...

a Merited Sleep

Kisses & Cuddles

Watching Nature by Another Way

Rediscover your Partner Body

Send Anyone to Blazes !

only Sweet



I don't think only about the 11/11 date which just passed.
now, near all our actions, decisions, personal battles, challenges are
as important & too often prisoning ourself. & after ? without what you won or loss,
what's the most important for you ?
Of course, friends, parties, bars, ... are solutions,
but your home & your boyfriend if you have the chance to get one
what are U thinking about is interest, importance, priority ?

mail me if you want,

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