Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Harder ? stronger ? ok & the result ?

For some guys, a story can't be
sweet or tender at start

you've got leather couples for example

some harder than others

if you are alone, there is indications

or evident signs

that you search a hard touch

look or places

usually you can identify
a protector & his protégé

or the universal relation

so, very easily.

with a made up story,

normally respected

from the begin to the end

all trustfully

of course, no matter the number

& the progress

of their story

altogether traditionnal

even if technical.

But I have a real question,

who's really the master ?

or the winner

& loser, even if those words can

be apply in a wanted relationship

there isn't parity at the end of the strict physical act ?

tell me about this question if you want
only it, the rest I remind it, no problem.

have a good day

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