Saturday, 18 October 2008

Saturday... all it's possible !!!

your are sad ?
don't give up !

stop your currently occupation

be body faultless

& don't forget your vitamins !

get ready to care yourself

(even if you're not alone

very not alone !)

by taking a shower

be efficient,

insisting everywhere

verify the result

be sure all is right at home

next taske, your look

choose your underwear

listen your feeling

next, marm up your body

ALL your body

last, choose your way of travelling

prefer an ecologic one

or don't hesitate to share

finally you can move your body

make meetings

good parties

all it's possible

and when you back home
you can begin sweets before your door...

after do what you want ...

... it's your private life ...

and no one

can tell something about !


enjoy tasting

pause !

if you are alone, sure it's =/

but see all the same

have a great W.E. !!!


LUCIEN said...

What and where is the party that that feather hat dude is showign out at. man that is one unique costume

Larry said...

Really nice hunks you have collected. Congratulations to a nice blog.


tefnoutt said...

thanks a lot larry